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Bernard LUNOT
welcomes you
and présents:

My name is Jicky
I am a Chartreux cat
And I love to cuddle

This personal web site is dedicated to the cats lovers. It describes the life and the feats of a young french CHARTREUX cat, whose name is Jicky.

It gives access to about thirty pictures (small and full screen).

In the french version, a small book in french is joined.

To call the french version:


Best time: between 6.00 and 12.00 PM (east coast)
               or between 4.00 and 10.00 PM (west coast)

In order to preserve the response time, the Jicky pictures files have been hardly compressed; but, if  you click upon them, you will get access to a full screeen view, with a better quality.  This operation takes a few seconds.  Thank you for your patience.

  Any question or comment about Jicky and his parents can be sent to the following address:

Visit the new Jicky's site dedicated to the communication
between the cats and their human parents.
50 new Jicky's pictures.
Click here