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Let me use your new computer!

Come closer, closer!

Deprived of the basic activities of its wild ancestors, the domestic cat compensates with games. Simulating hunting, Jicky does not know what's to be done with the poor terrified mouse he caught in the garden and brought inside the house.

But, how to explain his fantastic attraction for everything that concerns mechanical and electronical instruments? Impossible to open the computer, without immediatly plunging his whiskers into it.

His mother likes to say he is a  cat-engineer  or a  engineer of a cat .

Turmoil begins as soon as we start any machine in the kitchen: all the conditions are gathered for a possible work mishap! But, our Jicky has the sense of responsabilities and takes seriously his role of domestic supervisor.

   (The french version describes, in detail, the exploits of Jicky, the  plumber-cat .

Dad, look at your squirrel!

My godmother Dominique, one of my father's sisters, likes to swing me in the wood basket up to the ceiling.
Scary, but I do love it!

Why do my parents give me such preys?
When they forbid me to kill the birds and the mice?