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For the cats lovers interested in cat pictures, this site includes about 50 recent pictures of Jicky, the Chartreux cat. To get one of them full screen, click on it and return using "Previous page".

This is the welcome page of the second site dedicated to Jicky, french Chartreux cat, born on the first of may 1994.
If you have not visited the first site, you can easily access it. Just click on the right:


I am neither a cat breeder, nor a judge of cats.

I know almost nothing about the breeds and their specifications; so, don't ask me about cat shows etc...; I am definitely not competent in the matter.
I am only what we call, in French, « un Pere a chats » (that is a cat's father).

Please, also receive my apologies for any mistakes you may notice. This is due to translation problems that may have occured.

Many thanks to Nicole Staudenmayer (Houston) and Jacqueline Servat (London) for their assistance.

I am not a specialist of animal behavior either. I just fell in love with the small gray ball that landed in our home, five years ago. To day,  we (my wife and I) consider that we have been highly rewarded for the affection and care that we brought to Jicky.

With altogether sixty months of common life, there are ample grounds and motivations to arrive to some conclusions on how we have been getting on. The choice of subjects to be treated can be endless. However, the one I have chosen this time, proved, as far as I am concerned, to be the richest in terms of daily experiments, ie communication.

In the following pages, I will try to explain how it is possible, -given a minimum amount of time and attention- to establish a true conversation with a long whiskered companion.

This site is cut in two parts:

The first one is dedicated to the
"Communication" between              CLICK HERE:
animal and human.

The second one is an outline of
a cat-human dictionary.                     CLICK HERE:

My greatest thanks to anyone who would like to accompany me in this experience. Those of you, cat-lovers, who wish to help me developping this dictionary further, please send me an e-mail message (details below).

And if you wish to have a look at the likeness between Jicky and his human mother, click here and wait for some seconds (or minutes, -depending on where you are). Once the one hundred small linked files charged, it should all work by itself.

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And in case you don't have all that much time on hand, just have a glance at the last page (Page412.html): "Jicky and his friends". To reach it, click just above."